Winter Car Care – Tips To Avoid Winter Damage

The wintertime can be troublesome for your car. It’s cold outside and your car gets exposed to winter elements that can damage its paint and parts. Here are some tips to help you protect your car during the cold seasons from winter damage.

Tips to avoid winter damage to your car

Use winter tires. These may add to your expenses, but they are surely well worth the money. Winter tires allow your car to get an exceptional grip on snow-covered ground, which gets you better steering and braking.

Avoid large puddles when driving. Driving through large puddles can cause significant damage to your car. Your car not only collects dirt and road salt when your car hit a pothole, but it may also damage the tire, bent rims, suspension, exhaust system, engine and knock the steering out of alignment. 

Avoid deep snow when driving. You may end stranded when you drive in deep snow. It can also damage your car in several ways. Snow containing road salt gets into places under your car which may cause corrosion. It can damage the exhaust system of your car. 

It may also affect the performance of your wheels as packed snow in your wheels can make the tires shaky. A good car wash will get rid of the shaking.

Do not park your car on the street. It is best not to park your car in the street especially during snowstorms. Save your car from getting buried with snow containing road salt. Not parking in the street also secures your car from accidental damage from other cars, from theft and parking tickets if your city employs winter parking ordinance.

Drive safely. Snow and ice make the road slippery so you have to increase your braking distances. Drive smart and maintain a safe speed.